The call of the universal has come to you. Not only the call has come, but you are already hearing it and it's vibrating in every single cell of your body

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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Join an unique spiritual journey!

Welcoming the new year is a special time of year, where groups of people synchronize their consciousness, creating strong energetic vibrations. Such moments offer opportunities for meditative insights and spiritual elevation.

It will be New Year's Eve full of Yoga, meditation, universal love, introspection, contemplation.. with spiritual elevation

5 days to embrace the new year full of inspiration and with renewed energy.



Welcome to the New Year's Retreat Ananda Marga Portuga

Vamos ter 5 dias  de Kiirtan contínuo (Akanda Kiirta)

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Dear Margii, welcome to the Call of the Universal Retreat!
For the first time in Portugal we are aiming to do a retreat with a long akhanda kiirtan of several days.
Are you a good kiirtan player?
Can you contribute to create this special flow?
Please come and join us!!!
In this retreat you are free to build your personal program. If you wish, you can only participate in the akhanda kiirtan and do your sadhana, do your spiritual practices at your own rhythm. In the first days there will be other activities than kiirtan as are expected several recent people to Ananda Marga. In the last days of the retreat and especially during the new’s year eve the kiirtan will be the only activity going on.
Here is a general description of the program retreat, day by day.

27th of December

Arrive day

Calmamente, permite-te chegar. Após as boas-vindas, irás ter uma aula reparadora de yoga, trazendo-te para o momento presente e preparando-te para a meditação colectiva. Segue-se um delicioso jantar vegetariano. Terminamos o dia com o cântico do mantra Baba Nam Kevalam – “Amor Infinito é a Essência de Tudo”.

28th of December

Preparation for New Year

The call | The intentions

What is this call that brought you to the retreat? What are your intentions for this retreat and this new year? Our day begins very early in silence, with yoga class and collective meditation. The call is to go back inside. After a delicious breakfast we will dive into the depths of Universal's calling, the theme of the day. "The Supreme Being is calling for you in the roar of the ocean, in the thunder of the clouds, at the speed of the Rays, in the flaming fires of a meteorite." Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

29th of December

The spiritual journey

There is in human beings an inner thirst for peace and infinite happiness. External objects can not satisfy this inner longing, since the pleasure they offer is temporary and finite. The spiritual path that begins with a call, is a path of expansion of our individual consciousness, of the pursuit of Infinity and Beatitude, within ourselves. How to walk towards this cosmic consciousness? What gifts and challenges can I find on this path? On this day we will take a journey to meet ourselves, to meet the divine.

30th of December

Become one

The ultimate purpose of a spiritual walker is to become one with limitless cosmic consciousness. Through spiritual practices, meditation and Kiirtan we seek to direct all our attention to the vibration of our deepest essence, to the deepest essence of this existence, a source of bliss and unconditional love. On this day through the Kiirtan and meditation we seek to accomplish within us this cosmic consciousness, this source of bliss and unconditional love.

31st of December

Devotion and surrender

This is the last day of the year. To free the old man to welcome the new. In a growing pace of kiirtan and meditation, of bliss and unconditional love, of fusion in the cosmic consciousness, we prepare to embrace the new year that is born. The eve of the New year will be experienced in this environment of Universal love with the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam – Infinite Love is all that exists!

1st of January

Universal love

Last day of the retreat. Integration Day. To return home with a full heart and immersed in Universal love – Baba nam Kevalam. We ended with a closing ceremony where we bring gratitude to the moments experienced and prepare for the world outside the retreat.

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Venue:  Quinta de Santa Maria,  Sintra