Accommodation Options

There are 4 accommodation options:

  • "Ground" mode: you must bring whatever is necessary for sleep, such as mattress, sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, etc. The rooms are collective (4 to 8 people) ..
  • "Double bed" mode: A double bed with sheets, pillow and blankets is at your disposal. The bed will be shared with another person. The rooms are collective (4 to 8 people).
  • "Single bed" mode: you will have a bed of your own with sheets, pillow and blankets. The rooms are collective (4 to 8 people).
  • Double room in nearby accommodation . You will have a bed of your own with sheets, pillow and blankets. The rooms are double (2 same persons or couples). You will have to travel on your own between the place of accommodation and the place of retreat (about 5-10 min by car).

Contribute consciously

As in previous years we have a very affordable price for what the program includes. We do this to make the retreat accessible to those on lower incomes. This year we will also be giving people with higher incomes the chance to voluntarily help us to keep prices down by paying slightly more.

We think it is a step towards a price adjusted to each person's ability to contribute, and the decision made by each participant. We invite each to reflect on how they can contribute financially to this event, given that it is the contribution of each one that makes this event and others possible. Note: Retreat trainers and coordinators are volunteers.

The indicated values ​​include:

  • food, stay and all activities for 5 days
  • accommodation according to the chosen modality (see section “accommodation options” above)


  • Pricing “I can help!” (B): We invite everyone who can afford to give a little additional help, which is optional but keeps the price lower for those who need it and helps Ananda Marga projects.
  • Price “I need a discount!” (C): It is for those who are in a less favorable economic situation and have difficulty paying the base price. It is an option that should be used with awareness and will be available to a limited number of people.
  • Application Process:
    1. Subscribe to the form below
    2. receive email with payment details;
    3. down payment (50% of the value).
    4. with the payment of the signal the place is reserved!
  • Vacancies by mode: The retreat usually runs out, sign up and pay the down payment to secure a vacancy. The number of single and double beds is limited, if you want one of these options sign up in advance to guarantee bedding.

Informations by email: [email protected]

Subscription:  On here