The powerful mantra that inspires and elevates

“So if you only have one minute, do kiirtan for just one minute. If even two or three people come together, they can collectively do kiirtan. If a thousand people come together, they can also do kiirtan. When kiirtan moves toward Cosmic Consciousness, the supreme Father, in the mind of Cosmic Consciousness, there will also be a flow of bliss, for many minds are going towards it with love. "


Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


During the retreat we will have kiirtan - chanting of the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra (Infinite Love is All That Exists) continuously, creating a powerful flow of bliss and universal love. Can you hear some on here or if you click on the images of the musicians below you can hear them.


Kiirtan players from around the world are expected to create this spiritual vibe!

Adideva - England (LFT)

Jiivanmukta - Portugal

Nishita - Portugal

Subbha - Italy

Turiiya - Portugal

Mayatiita - Portugal

Prem Sagar - England

Dada Mahaprajinananda - USA

Jishnu - France

Pavitra Dada - Portugal

Vasudeva - Norway

David - France (LFT)

Roshni - England

Prakash - Italy

Giita Rani – Norway

Kamal - Romania

Shiila Didi - Philippines

Tulasii – Portugal

Tilakapash - Portugal

Gopal - Italy

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