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Celebrate the new year with an immersion in ancient spiritual practices near the mystical Serra de Sintra. Through meditation, chanting mantras, yoga, moments of silence, contemplation and self-analysis, you will experience a deep connection with your true Self, with Cosmic Consciousness.

Join an unique spiritual journey!

Whether you are first discovering the gifts of meditation or being an experienced yogi, this retreat will allow you to gain inspiration and focus on your spiritual path. Each spiritual retreat is different, even if you attend the same retreat each year.

One of the most important attitudes in a spiritual retreat is to let go of expectations and embrace every moment, every experience, every revelation, every connection… with openness and acceptance.



What you can find in this retreat:


Daily meditation is one of the tools for true personal transformation, cultivating compassion, unconditional love and altruism. The process is very simple: close your eyes, sit still and quiet, breathe deeply and focus your attention through certain specific techniques. In Ananda Marga, a scientific system of meditation called Sahaja Yoga is created, which aims to merge the mind into Cosmic Consciousness.


It is the practice of chanting the Sanskrit mantra “Baba nam Kevalam” together. This action creates a vibration conducive to meditation practice. In meditating on this mantra we seek to direct our full attention to the vibration of our deepest essence, the deepest essence of this existence, a source of bliss and unconditional love. The best known and most widespread meaning of Baba nam kevalam is "everything is an expression of love."


Ananda Marga yoga classes focus on the Whole, focusing on slow movements, repetitions, permanence, conscious breathing. They bring benefits in terms of body awareness, flexibility, balance, concentration, relaxation… overall improving health. Usually a class includes warm-up, yoga postures, self-massage and relaxation, preparing the body for meditation.


These moments aim to promote inner stillness, the rest of the senses, so that a greater connection can be established with the deeper layers of the mind. More than being quiet, it means bringing silence to all our experiences and consciously eliminating distractions in order to focus on the present moment and all that may arise, privileging contemplative states and self-reflection.

Daily what you can experience:

- Meditation and chanting of mantras early in the morning when energy is most subtle. - Morning and evening yoga class (warm-up, yoga postures, conscious breathing, relaxation) to pamper the body. - Collective meditation several times a day (kiirtan, meditation and inspiring spiritual text). - continuous kiirtan. Kiirtan in 6 directions. - Moments of silence, contemplation and self-analysis.


"Tantra Yoga is ninety-nine percent practice and one percent theory."


To the spiritual practices add inspiring lectures and various activities that day after day will consolidate the focus of this New Year welcoming journey - spiritual elevation, connection with our true Essence and Cosmic Consciousness.

The transition to the New Year will be celebrated in a crescendo of kiirtan and meditation, bliss and unconditional love, fusion in the cosmic consciousness.


Baba nam kevalam!


All that exists is Infinite Love.

There will be activities for children during the retreat. See page Children.


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